Sign everything you send online with Proofi

Proofi gives you a unique digital signature to identify yourself in online communications.

Why Proofi?

Online fraud, such as (spear) phishing, gets more advanced by the day. Companies and customers suffer as much as 4 trillion USD in damages each year through online fraud.

No less than 90% of these attacks start with an email, handled by a person. As it turns out, security awareness training only helps partially.

Proofi fixes this problem once and for all. By signing all your communications, it becomes impossible to impersonate you. Why wouldn’t you?

100% safe and secure

With Proofi we’re striving for an internet that runs completely on trusted digital transactions. Together we can create a safe and secure internet.

We believe this trust should be a human right in our online world, and therefore validating Proofies will always be free.

We’re playing our part in keeping you and your data safe & secure. Proofi is built on open standards with privacy and GDPR compliance by design.

How does it work?

Every time a transaction is sent, it goes through the Proofi loop. This way, every relevant aspect of the Proofied transaction be checked by the receiver.



Every transaction is sent through a KYC or SSL EV verified Proofi account.


In a business setting your identity is authorized by your organization.

Allowed actions (optional)

Within an organization you can be given allowed actions to transact on.


Every transaction gets cryptographically and immutably signed before sending.


Proofi for everyone


Verifying is always free, aimed at your security. Why wouldn’t you?


Act with your company identify. Your clients will be thankful for this instant trust.


Identify employees and allow them to verify (business) transactions.


All your internal and external communication. Straight from your systems.


Where does Proofi work?

Use Proofi in all your favourite business applications to add a security layer to your day-to-day operations


Proofi everywhere

There are so many people that would love to sign, but simply can’t. Integrate Proofi into every payment system, CRM system, file sharing system, messaging system or any other system. Proofi has no limits.

Join the movement

We’re on a mission to secure your employees and your clients. To achieve an Internet of Trust together, we need your valuable feedback. Join our beta waiting list to get access ASAP!