Identification for DeFi by Proofi

Get verified once, skip KYC forever.

Why Proofi?

Allow qualified, known users to participate in permissioned markets. Liquidity providers, dApp developers, and institutional participants can manage risk while creating trust in the DeFi ecosystem.

First impressions are everything, but required KYC/AML complicate onboarding procedures, making them frustrating for new clients.

Proofi fixes this problem once and for all by issuing verifiable credentials that can be used everywhere.

Cross-chain identities

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How does it work?

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Every transaction is sent through a KYC or SSL EV verified Proofi account.


In a business setting your identity is authorized by your organization.

Allowed actions (optional)

Within an organization you can be given allowed actions to transact on.


Every transaction gets cryptographically and immutably signed before sending.


Proofi for everyone


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Liquidity providers

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Proofi everywhere

There are so many people that would love to sign, but simply can’t. Integrate Proofi into every payment system, CRM system, file sharing system, messaging system or any other system. Proofi has no limits.

Join the movement

We’re on a mission to secure your employees and your clients. To achieve an Internet of Trust together, we need your valuable feedback. Join our beta waiting list to get access ASAP!